Yahoo! Fiance: Miss HK Lisa-Marie Tse Vetted Hong Kong Food Tech Startup Allklear Wraps HK$10M Series Pre-A Funding, Now Valued at almost $100M, Leading New Trends of Healthy Living

Yahoo! Fiance: Miss HK Lisa-Marie Tse Vetted Hong Kong Food Tech Startup Allklear Wraps HK$10M Series Pre-A Funding, Now Valued at almost $100M, Leading New Trends of Healthy Living

HONG KONGAug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/

Hong Kong food tech startup combining nature and technology, Allklear, has completed Series Pre-A funding, raising HK$10M from lead investor Gobi Partners, private investor Miss Hong Kong 2020 Lisa-Marie Tse, and co-investors—Chartwell Ventures Limited, Vectr Ventures and Novel Tycoon. Allklear is now valued at nearly HK$100M.

Allklear Detox Future Salad (without water bottle) - Retail Price: HK$280/ 7 Sachets

Allklear Detox Future Salad (without water bottle) - Retail Price: HK$280/ 7 Sachets

Amid a new wave of healthy living and futuristic food trends, plant-based milk and vegan meat options have seen rapid growth in market share and became a promising industry to invest in. The funding Allklear secured reflects the tremendous potential investors see in Future Salad, and will be used to strengthen the company's foundation in Hong Kong, develop new products and speed up its entry into the vibrant mainland Chinese and international markets with the goal to improving people's health and promoting green living and vegan diet.


Future Salad Leads New Trend

Allklear was founded in Hong Kong in December 2018, by a group of young entrepreneurs with a passion for sports, healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability. Combining pioneering aerospace technology and all-natural ingredients, Allklear's signature Detox Future Salad is created with freeze-drying food technology, a technology used to manufacture aerospace foods. It contains extracts from 12 natural ingredients and provides 25 essential nutrients including vitamins B, C, E and K, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, amino acids, and dietary fibers, blended in golden ratio. One sachet of Detox Future Salad offers dietary fiber and nutritional value equivalent to five bowls of traditional (perhaps specify the kind of salad) salad, offering a potential solution to counter imbalanced diet, weight issues and digestive problems.

With the pandemic shifting people's attention to healthy living, Allklear's easy-to-use Future Salad sachets come as a convenient way to ensure adequate daily fiber intake. Future Salad has received positive reviews from over 2,000 celebrities and influencers who have tried the product, and has reached over 20 billion social media impressions in the Greater China region. A strong year-on-year sales growth of 245% has been recorded in June 2021.


Lisa-Marie Invests in and Joins Allklear

Recognizing the tremendous market potential of Future Salad, Miss Hong Kong 2020 Lisa-Marie, has joined the roster of prominent venture capitalists and invested 7-digit HKD in the Hong Kong startup. This also marked her first personal investment in the Hong Kong tech scene.

"I came to know Allklear from social media," said Lisa-Marie. "Many celebrities and influencers have shared their experience and positive reviews online. So I tried it for myself and found it refreshingly delicious and convenient to drink. As an artist, I always have a packed shooting schedule that leaves me almost no time for regular meals. Allklear Future Salad comes in handy sachets, so I can have it anytime anywhere to make sure I have enough dietary fiber and nutrients for the day. What's more, they are made from all-natural ingredients and do not contain any artificial chemicals or medication. I was instantly impressed by the brand's futuristic vision and its low-carbon plant-based diet concept. Allklear's positioning gave me confidence and matches my healthy lifestyle. So, I quickly agreed to the collaboration. I'm sure Allklear will disrupt the global plant-based health drink market."

On top of the investment, Lisa-Marie has also joined the company as the Chief Brand Officer. She hopes to promote the revolutionary Future Salad and low-carbon diet to the world as Miss Hong Kong 2020. Allklear is designated as the official health supplement drink of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2021, with hopes to spreading the Future Salad concept and its beneficial health effects beyond the Hong Kong market, establishing itself as the futuristic global plant-based food tech brand.


Taking On the World, Eyeing HK IPO in 4 years

"The Detox Future Salad is made from natural vegetables and fruits using freeze-drying food technology," explained Angus Au Hiu Fung, the Chief Marketing Officer of Allklear. "The revolutionary product breaks from tradition by transforming salads into drinks. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and drink a sachet of Future Salad. It is convenient and healthy. This round of financing will help us accelerate our expansion into the mainland Chinese and international markets. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Lisa-Marie and other investors for their trust in our team and vision. As our Chief Brand Officer, Lisa-Marie provided invaluable advice on product innovation with her forward-thinking vision. We will soon launch a line of new products, featuring new flavors of high-protein, high-calcium and keto formula Future Salads that serve different functional purposes. Dedicated to sustainable development and a greener environment, Allklear will continue to develop more future foods combining nature and technology to preserve resources and reduce food wastes."

Allklear is now operating with 50 team members in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. It has achieved breakeven shortly after the company's inception two years ago. In the coming year, Allklear will speed up its entry into the international market, expecting to reach over HK$1 billion revenue and list in Hong Kong Stock Exchange within four years.

About Allklear

Allklear is backed by a professional team of nutritionists and health care professionals. Its flagship product, Future Salad, is developed after more than ten years of extensive research. A future aerospace food combining technology and nature, it meets the special requirements for space foods with its small-sized and light-weight sachets, packed with rich nutrients ready for convenient consumption. Since its launch in Hong Kong in 2019, Future Salad has been a consumer favorite and is well received by celebrities and influencers. In 2021, the food tech startup sets foot in mainland China and the international market, taking Future Salad and its new diet concept to the world.


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