Morning Star: Completed Pre A+ Round of Fundraising and raised a total of US$3 million. The company's market value exceeded US$26 million

Morning Star: Completed Pre A+ Round of Fundraising and raised a total of US$3 million. The company's market value exceeded US$26 million

Future Salad, a Hong Kong Food-tech Company, Brand Evolution - #ReimagineSalad

HONG KONG, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Future salad, a Hong Kong food-tech company established in 2020 has been expanding into the overseas market. During this time, it has been enjoyed and supported by over 10,000 celebrities and influencers and has already recorded over 200 million online exposures through social media platforms and has reached a US$5.2 million turnover last year. To reach further future developmental needs, the brand has announced its release of a new stage in the second half of Year 2022.


New Visual Identity and First Brand Store

Future Salad has recently opened brand new stores in Hong Kong hotspots: Queensway Plaza, Times Square and Harbour City. The stores are not only in convenient locations for consumers, but the futuristic stores offer great spots for taking photos.

Future Salad has undergone various new stages to keep up with market trends. The brand-new image combines a charismatic personality, with new-generation food technology elements.


Brand New Product - Salad Drink Mix

Future Salad is always striving to make this a consumer centered product. The brand has now announced new products, including "Anti-aging Salad Drink Mix #E4ERYOUNG" and other Salad Drink Mix series produced of natural fruits and vegetables. The brand has also considered comments from new and existing customers to launch "Kids Salad Drink Mix #KidsSalad" at the end of this year, collaborating with the famous worldwide cartoon "Baby Shark" and hoping to target the family market.  

Angus Au, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer said: "People around the world are paying more attention to healthy diets, but there has always been a lack of healthy, effective and delicious healthy foods on the market. Future Salad is addressing that problem, offering solutions that are nutritious, convenient, delicious, safe, and affordable."


Completed Pre A+ Round of Fundraising

Recently, there has been a significant focus on food technology, healthier foods, and vegan options due to an increased awareness of environmental protection in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. During this time, food brands such as Oatly and Beyond meat have managed to cater to all types of consumers, which has allowed them to achieve rapid business growth and are valued at billions of US dollars. Future Salad has also achieved rapid business growth. During the Pre A+ round of fundraising involving multiple investors, including Mighty Earner Limited, Casetify's CEO and Co-founder Wesley Ng, Alliance Achievement Development Holdings Limited, Gobi Partners GBA, Vectr Ventures, raised a total of US$3 million. The company's market value exceeded US$26 million.

The new funds will allow the company to recruit teams, expand its market share in the existing market and enter new markets such as Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, and mainland China. The brand will accelerate the launch of new future salads with different functions and types to meet the market's needs. The potential products are Kids Salad Drink Mix, salad cookies, salad gummy, salad jelly and salad chocolate.


Celebrating Second Anniversary

To thank the celebrities, influencers, and loyal consumers for their love and support, the brand held the second-anniversary event in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, to announce its evolution.  All attendees were welcomed with various booths, including Future Salad, Youtuber "Manner", % Arabica, L7A, Dr Reborn, 1Kommunity, and Somersby and all enjoyed and celebrated this memorable moment.


Source: Welcome to Morningstar Asia – Hong Kong