Future Salad #全清 奪得2024 ForbesGA Tech 中國路演活動廣州站卓越演講者獎項

Future Salad #全清 奪得2024 ForbesGA Tech 中國路演活動廣州站卓越演講者獎項

2024 ForbesGA Tech 中國路演廣州站於2024130日在康萊德酒店完滿舉行。Future Salad #全清 聯合創始人及首席市場官歐曉峰Angus於活動中展示了品牌的業務模式、創新產品和市場機會。他在演講中展示了熱情、專業知識和創新思維,詳細講述了Future Salad 的獨特之處 - 一款美味方便,能快速補充每日膳食纖維及營養,幫助腸道健康和體重管理,而且對地球環保友好的科創健康飲品。


評委們對歐曉峰Angus提出了多個專業問題,並對產品獲「世界首創碳中和沙律」給予了高度評價,最終Future Salad #全清 於廣州站奪得卓越演講者獎項並將獲邀出席於2024年底在上海舉行的年度總選。


ForbesGA Tech 路演活動旨在鼓勵和表彰優秀的創業家和創新企業,為他們提供展示和發展的機會。透過ForbesGA Tech 路演活動促進創業和企業家交流,鼓勵中國大灣區創業企業和技術社群的發展。




Future Salad #Allklear wins the Outstanding Speaker Award at the 2024 ForbesGA Tech China Roadshow Guangzhou Station


The 2024 ForbesGA Tech China Roadshow Guangzhou Station was successfully held at the Conrad Hotel on January 30, 2024. Angus Au, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Future Salad #Allklear, showcased the brand's business model, innovative products, and market opportunities during the event. He demonstrated passion, expertise, and innovative thinking in his speech, detailing the uniqueness of Future Salad - a delicious, convenient, and quick way to replenish daily dietary fiber and nutrients, promoting gut health, weight management, and environmentally friendly health food product.

The judges posed several professional questions to Angus Au and highly praised the product as the "The world first carbon-neutral salad." Ultimately, Future Salad #Allklear won the Outstanding Speaker Award at the Guangzhou Station and will be invited to attend the annual final selection event scheduled for the end of 2024 in Shanghai.

The ForbesGA Tech Roadshow aims to encourage and recognize outstanding entrepreneurs and innovative enterprises, providing them with opportunities for display and development. Through the ForbesGA Tech Roadshow, entrepreneurship and exchange among entrepreneurs are promoted, encouraging the development of entrepreneurship and the technology community in the Greater Bay Area of China.

The event brought together leaders from the technology and innovation sectors, experiencing a day filled with inspiring discussions and exchanges, showcasing the latest technological innovations and forward-thinking ideas.