Future Salad第四間實體店正式登陸啟德新商場AIRSIDE

Future Salad第四間實體店正式登陸啟德新商場AIRSIDE

Future Salad首間無人商店正式登陸啟德新商場AIRSIDE

Future Salad將其第四間旗艦店以「無人商店」的模式進駐香港新地標 – 啟德「AIRSIDE」購物商場。


FUTURE SALAD作為關注未來、環保、健康的品牌,在貫徹「和而為一」理念、將工作與生活、私人與公共空間連接的AIRSIDE中,創意性開設第一間的無人商店。它代表著大自然與健康,安靜而又理所當然地存在於人們的工作與生活當中。希望隨時來訪的顧客,能夠在繁忙的都市生活中尋得一處安靜的歇腳亭,並且無須他人打擾,便能在其中得以啟發關懷健康和環保的未來生活方式,自行選擇適合自己的健康產品。

AIRSIDE 2樓L225號鋪

FUTURE SALAD's Fourth Physical Store

Future Salad's first unmanned store officially lands in the AIRSIDE shopping mall in Kai Tak, Hong Kong.

Future Salad has established its fourth store in Hong Kong's new landmark, AIRSIDE, adopting the model of an "unmanned store."

The design combines openness and a sense of technology, featuring streamlined design and dynamic lighting effects, creating an immersive environment that brings together sound, images, and light, allowing guests to contemplate the future.

As a brand that focuses on the future, environmental protection, and health, FUTURE SALAD adheres to the concept of "harmony as one" and creatively opens the first unmanned store in AIRSIDE, a space that connects work and life, private and public. It represents nature and health, quietly and naturally existing in people's work and lives. The hope is that customers who visit at any time can find a quiet resting place in the busy urban life, without the need for disturbance from others, and can be inspired to care for a healthy and environmentally friendly future lifestyle, choosing suitable health products for themselves.


Shop L225, 2/F, AIRSIDE